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In non technical terms ‘Web Development Manchester’ broadly refers to the process of developing a website ready for hosting via the internet. This could include a variety of tasks from front-end design and content creation, right through to network security configuration and responsive testing.

The technical definition of Web Development is something quite different.

A web developer is a computer programmer responsible for the coding (or programming) that enables a website to function and perform as required. It also involves taking a static design and from it, create dynamic pages fit for a web browser. They typically write code using HTML, CSS, PHP and/or Javascript, among other programming languages.

What makes a good Manchester Web Development Agency?

Understanding the finer details of how great code affects performance is paramount

A Manchester Web Development Agency worth their salt should include a team of specialists from strategists and researchers through to full stack web developers. A web development project should never be approached blindly, regardless of size. In order to ensure the best delivery of a website, you need it thoroughly planned. We use the internationally renowned process of Atomic Website Development in order to break down designs into “atoms” and “molecules” to ensure we never waste memory with different versions of the same code.

All research, design and developmental elements should contribute to supporting the websites’ end purpose. Many cowboy-web-builders initially wow clients with a super-pretty (but often superficial) design, then fail to deliver when it comes to the sophisticated back-end Web Development required.

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What makes a good Manchester Web Developer?

Insist on a team of qualified experts with experience

Development macaroons

It requires a highly skilled Manchester Web Developer (or team of Manchester Web Developers), with broad knowledge and experience in coding application to successfully deliver the vision of their creative team.

It involves finding solutions for dynamic and interactive features, while delivering websites that work on an endless variety of devices and screen types/sizes.

A passionate Manchester based Web Developer won’t only create websites.

Web applications development, database development, software development and R&D will feature as areas of interest and expertise for a good web development agency.

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