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Businesses see an average revenue increase of over 150% when they use Unbranded Manchester for Web Design.

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Revenue Generating Web Design Agency Manchester

As a web design agency we focus on revenue generation for clients. Seriously, that’s all we care about. So much so that we prefer to discuss our results first, over web design. After all, this is about your business.

Check out some of the increases in revenue our clients have reported to us in the last 6 months:

  • + £7.6M
    CBS Concrete
  • + £2.4M
    Immigration Advice Service
  • + £1.5M
    Oasis Interiors

Hopefully that’s got your attention. Now you can continue to see how we work with businesses at different stages of growth.

Revenue Generating

Organic search reach and improved conversion rates

Web Design for Top Tier Businesses

Top tier web design clients are those who already have a strong business model, turnover in excess of £10m and have a strong online presence for their product or service. Top tier businesses choose us as their full service digital agency, for our:

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Layout Composer

Our custom-built Google busting layout composer and superior code quality enable sites to rank even higher and faster on search engines in a short window. Our Layout Composer also allows users to rapidly grow their website without compromising on your brand integrity, or creative / responsive web design output. Our Layout Composer forms a core part of our award winning web design offering, and because we invented it, we’re the only digital agency that can use it in our websites.

Improved Conversion Rates

We pick out user traits and internal client on-boarding processes that can be reflected in the final web design. We’ll analyse and pinpoint what makes your clients buy from you when you speak with them and translate it into your website’s user flow and content. With an Unbranded Manchester web design, businesses typically see a dramatic increase in conversion rates on high margin enquiries. We tend to see organic conversion rates increase from around 2% to upwards of 12%. Not every digital agency focuses on seeing an increase in conversion rates as a core KPI from the outset.

Supporting the next step in your business growth

A web design agency for high growth SMEs

A number of our Manchester based SME website projects are from clients who approach us after having hit a revenue cap they can’t seem to break. This usually requires our team of researchers to audit their processes, product / service offering in order to highlight issues within their current setup.

A lot of successful small business will have seen their growth during the grand old days of an agency or web designer in UK popping out a business website at the flip of a hat. However, you probably now understand you need a viable marketing tool online in order to see a legitimate ROI on each and every marketing investment you make. You need a web design agency who understands you and the purpose of your business website. You don’t just want a web design for the sake of having one; it needs to serve a key business purpose, with a detailed understanding of user psychology – that’s just what our agency specialises in.

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Our Discovery Process

As a leading Manchester digital agency, we work closely with you to help identify opportunities you may be overlooking in your business and in your business website and then use this information to create a clear marketing strategy and user flow, before starting work on your website. We’ll reflect your strongest points, push your higher margin services or products and devise an online strategy to support them. Our website design process is centred around this without hindering any creativity, user engagement or branding.

Google Rank

Almost every business can benefit from a business website that ranks highly on search engines for key products and services. Our Layout Composer and focus on technical SEO solutions have taken websites from 0.3% market visibility up to and over 41%. We aren’t just another top web design agency who build websites for anyone without a second thought given to how the websites our agency builds will work in the real world for our clients. Clients and prospective clients alike need to understand the value and importance of how their websites will perform online.

User Psychology

Every user who lands on your site has a unique mental status which we need to understand and cater to. From the user who needs the stats and figures of success to make a decision to those who need that little bit of social proof of others who’ve had success with you, each user has other external factors, preconceptions and levels of understanding of your product offering that we need to breakdown, understand and subsequently cater to via your website.

The level of granular detail required to understand each step of the user journey combined with the psychological triggers and traits we all share ranges from understand how much information a user can absorb in a list of items to how we can trickle everything they need to know, slowly convincing them of your quality and superiority along the way.

Effective web design evolves from strong brand rules

Web Design Guidelines

A key issue we often encounter when creating a web design for top tier clients or an Manchester based SME business is working from either dated brand guidelines that don’t cover digital, or, a complete lack of formal guidelines.

In such instances it becomes our job to take the current brand and translate it into a set of design guidelines. The nature of our Layout Composer makes it incredibly easy for us, as a Manchester digital agency, to translate the any design or brand guidelines into a computer readable format.

Print rules into web design guidelines

We apply a theory evolved from a process known as Atomic Web Design (Google it) to create a set of rules and components that can be used across all digital media. When we integrate these rules into our Layout Composer; we create a platform that can grow exponentially with the business, whilst ensuring the web design forever stays in line with your brand guidelines. The theory of Atomic Web Design is yet to make its way into the typical web design Manchester agency lexicon and as such you’ll tend to find that the digital agency you’ve used in the past struggled to carry your brand through into digital.

Web design consistency is key to improved conversion rates

With a consistent web design across your entire site, your business is subconsciously perceived as being more professional and trustworthy. Think about the last time you went on a site that didn’t have a consistent brand or design, you probably didn’t stick around for long and you more than likely didn’t make a purchase, even if they had an amazing product, the web design failed to do its job by building an underlying feeling of trust or competency. Our Manchester digital agency puts a key focus on ensuring that any websites or design agency work we put out provides a consistent experience across digital and traditional print media.

Your web design user flow needs to follow the same path your sales team use

Research driven user on-boarding

When taking new business calls your or your sales team follow a procedure for onboarding the potential customer via a natural conversation or scripted effort. Either way, the process was borne out of experience, knowledge and insight into what resonates with your clients and what convinces them to buy your service.

It may sound complicated, but in the simplest of terms, whatever you’re saying to potential clients to convince them to buy, we need to reflect it in the journey they take online before picking up the phone. Not only does this reduce the overhead of your sales team, but it should also convey your offering as a no brainer over and above your competitors. We specialise in digital strategy and as such everything you read about us online ought to drill into you, our websites work, we’re based in Manchester and we have the experience and skills to bring you on board and make you money.

Web design user flow timing

With a well defined user flow and web design / brand, you stand at risk of on-boarding potential clients a little too quickly. Yes, we want them to learn about your service or services, but we don’t want them to learn about it so fast that they think they know everything and move onto the next potential supplier. As a general rule, the longer a web design keeps a visitor engaged, the more likely they are to convert into a paying customer. (It also keeps them away from your competitor websites!). A great example is the very page you’re reading right now. There are a ton of agencies in Manchester and beyond trying to sell you websites that work but as of right now we’ve managed to keep you engaged for long enough to learn about our build process, so when it comes to our competitors, they have a very high bar set that they need to compete with.

Increased Dwell Time

In order to increase the dwell time on your site, we team up our web design service offering with our research and development expertise to create and design new features or components with a sole purpose of keeping users engaged within the site. Whether it’s the Printers Toolbox or geo location for Manchester based, Foilco, the Present Finder we created for What 2 Buy 4 Kids, or the Inspiration Configurator we built for Oasis to engage their Manchester interior design visitors, we’re constantly creating new innovative tools to ensure your site visitors stick around long enough to build a subconscious rapport with your brand.

Encourage return visits with effective web design

The additional features and components we create in order to increase dwell time also need to have enough value that they encourage people to return. If you can make your site a point of reference that the user sees value in, they’ll also relate your service and product offering with the same perceived value. It can be tricky to apply this rule to every business, but when you do implement such components, they work and help to further improve conversion rates.

Copywriting & Content Marketing

Web design and well researched copywriting go hand in hand

Copywriters and uk web designers need to work very closely with one another in order to create a feature rich web design that works to engage and convince the audience that they’re in the right place. Both the designer and writers need to follow the guidelines created by our researchers to ensure every vertical is met and every research based inference is considered and included in the final site.

Our content plans are created before any graphic design or copywriting takes place and long before web development even starts.

Content Planning

Great content is born out of thorough research around what questions and issues your target market is looking to solve. By answering these questions with well thought out content, your web design ought to be able to retain them for longer whilst filling them with confidence as to your ability. Choosing what to talk about and the approach you take needs to be a balance between a sales pitch and genuine helpful information.

Headlines and Titles

Keyword rich headlines are great for optimising your site for search engines like Google to index your site for relevant searches. However, they also need to be curated well enough to encourage a prospective customer to continue reading. With every extra word your visitor reads on your site, they’re increasingly more likely to make a qualified enquiry having had a positive experience with your site.

Voice & Tone

Being too formal or too coloquial with content can put off potential buyers when the tone of the content does not resonate with the user. The web design we created for our non Manchester based client, Lobster, gave us a great case study showing how important this is. Their competitors used overly technical language on their websites in order to prove they knew what they were talking about, yet none of them realised they were putting off prospective buyers by being too geeky and robotic. Our research told us to take the opposite approach with their websites, using colloquial and very human language gave their visitors the encouragement they needed to make an enquiry. Why? They wanted to talk to a human and have a normal conversation about the kit they wanted to buy, as they already assumed that all the other websites they’d been on along with everyone else in the industry knew what they were talking about, so it all came down to the experience they’d have with the supplier.

Website Testing

Every part of a web design needs to be tested in every possible environment it may be seen in

Has your digital marketing agency tested and benchmarked your site for accessibility, performance, different browsers and different sized screens? Search engines love websites that score highly for all of the aforementioned benchmarks as do your prospective clients. Can those with poor sight easily read your content? Is the web design suitable for people who are colourblind and does it work when I use an older browser? Have you enabled geo location so the text changes to a Manchester dialect when someone from Manchester visits your websites? (Only kidding!)

Pixel Testing the Web Design

There are a finite number of screen sizes and ratios that are currently available on the market. Most web design agencies will aim to ensure your site looks half decent on the most popular brands and screen sizes, i.e. iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones & tablets, but what happens when a new device is released with a new screen size? You guessed it, your site doesn’t look as good and is now broken for what could become this seasons best selling device. We test and patch every design we create for every screen width, from 1600px down to 300px. We leave no room for a new screen size to ruin your website design usability, massively increasing its lifespan and ensuring its always up to scratch.

Device and Browser Compatibility

You probably know all about Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, but were you aware that you can install Chrome on iPhones, that Samsung release their own browser within their Android devices? Or that the default browsers on mobiles often go unused in favour of other third party browsers? Most browsers render website design code slightly differently, even Google Chrome on an Iphone will render a website design differently to that on a PC, which means you can never be quite sure how your website design will look without thorough cross browser testing. Just to be clear, as a pioneering digital agency in Manchester we test on all browsers and devices that command more than 3% market share. The remaining handful of users that fall into the 3% are often using a PC from 1994 with Internet Explorer 7 installed on it, which will never render any websites properly, let alone that of the Unbranded Manchester website!

Website Security

A hacked site can destroy a business overnight, from data that is stolen from the site, to malicious code or intercepted traffic, you need to insure the development process your Manchester web design agency is robust. Our sites are custom built with security in mind from the outset. This covers a highly technical approach to the site design build process covering points like secure database calls, encrypted and hashed sensitive data storage, namespacing functions for local use only, directory hiding, functionality obfuscation and multi level admin authentication. It may sound geeky and go over your head, but our senior developers at Unbranded Manchester are Computer Scientists with over 10 years of industry experience, we’re confident we’ve covered all vulnerabilities websites typically have in our Layout Composer.

Our Awards

Unbranded Manchester built our website from the ground up and created a fantastic site that we’re extremely proud of. They were enthusiastic about our project from the start.

The Unbranded Manchester team are responsive, they’re positive; always looking to find solutions and to solve problems.

Unbranded are easy to deal with on a personal level – friendly, cheerful etc.

They listened carefully to what we had to say and responded thoughtfully.

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Frequently asked Questions

Web Design Questions Answered

All web agencies are not equal, some specialise in budget website design and development whilst others, like Unbranded, specialise in research led website design that caters to the top tier of business who are typically looking for strong websites that actively convert visitors into viable leads.

Themes are typically made by developers looking to make a small amount money by selling them online to agencies across the globe. They need their themes to work across a whole range of industries and as such they tend to contain bloated code and features that aren’t necessary for everyone. Other issues include a lack of focus on security, performance and conversion led design.

The benefits of themes are that they are substantially cheaper than a custom made site. For a lot of SME’s where ranking on Google and conversion focused design aren’t required, themes are great. For example, websites for hairdresser’s or beauty salons don’t require a custom build, a theme will suffice in sharing their offering, opening hours and contact details.

Search engines are putting a massive focus on the accessibility and performance metrics of websites when taking into account how they rank. Although you may be doing everything else correctly from an SEO point of view, without a solid build behind you, you stand to lose out on rankings to competitors who have invested more carefully in their web design agency.

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