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Impressive web design Manchester, Disappointing delivery.

The ever growing online competition has created a need for ultra exciting and engaging website designs to attract more attention than the competition. This has driven web design Manchester companies to create some wonderful web designs.

Often, when web design Manchester agencies build a site, the end result consists of stunningly beautiful pages but little or no thought is given to user flow, customer journey or the end goal of the website. This is usually due to a lack of research into the core business and too much time wasted on colour schemes and font sizes … In other words, fur coat but no knickers! 

Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate a pretty design as much as the next creative agency.
But we understand the importance of every element supporting the website’s end purpose – Making your business money. 

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One Size DOES NOT Fit All

Tackling the dodgy developments in Web Design Manchester

Any worthwhile web design Manchester or web development agency should include a team of specialists to consider your business drivers, gaps, customer journey and user flow. This research should dictate the content of your web presence and be passed on to a competent website designer. All research, design and dev elements should contribute to support the websites’ end purpose – to make your business successful.

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Dynamic Web Design Manchester, not graphic design.

Choose the web designer with the right approach & experience

To achieve the right look and feel for your business you must find designers with ideas that inspire you. It is also important that you choose to work with a team that can deliver on the elements and features they propose.

Consider web design Manchester, the agency you choose must be experienced in designing for the web. You’ll be surprised how many designers are still stuck in print design mode. Unfortunately, designers often create static mobile, tablet and desktop versions of a site which wow clients when printed on paper  – while behind the scenes, an inexperienced development team panics about how they’ll make it work as an interactive, dynamic website. 

Q&A on Web Design Manchester

We chatted to our lead developer, Mike Smith, to get his insight on the core issues and misconceptions of web design Manchester.

Why is Web Design confused with Web Development?

“Web design” and “web development” are often confused because so many web design Manchester agencies claim to be able to develop websites too – which is not a safe bet if you require a functional / adaptable end result. Most web design agencies will be able to build visual components of a website using basic front end programming. The reality is, lots of development work gets outsourced which often brings problems due to bad communication. A good end product relies heavily on designers having access to the developer who will be building their designs.

One good analogy would be that if a designer was like an architect – deciding the look of a new building (with an awareness of materials and construction techniques) – a developer would be more like a civil engineer. They work with the architect to execute the build and make their ideas a reality, with expert and specialist knowledge of materials and the physics of construction. “

Who designs websites built by Unbranded Manchester?

” We believe that to get the look and feel that’s right for your business it’s crucial to find designers with ideas that inspire you. A key part of this is ensuring the right combination of personalities are brought to the table. We’ve formed relationships with the UK’s leading designers, selecting the most suitable fit for each project we undertake.

How we approach design has been a key innovation for us, after starting out working as white-label developers for various design agencies whilst mobile device adoption was becoming mainstream.

Truly responsive design is something that didn’t exist just over a decade ago, and a lot of the design world is still adapting. Our comprehensive design briefs ensure everything from our discovery to our development process is communicated to the designer, who regularly consults with developers to help the build run smoothly and eliminate the unexpected. “

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How our approach differs

We don’t limit ourselves to our own in-house design team.
We maintain relationships with the UK’s leading designers and select the most suitable fit for every project we undertake.

We know responsive development and don’t accept sub standard code.
We inspect and analyse every element to ensure it performs as it should and meets our high standards.

We provide solutions, not problems.
We’re a solutions based agency and we’re very transparent and honest with our areas of expertise. Based in Media City, we surround ourselves with other leading specialists and industry creatives, so we’re in touch with the best problem solvers across various related fields.

Our role in Web Design Manchester is to deliver functional websites that maximise profit for our clients. 

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