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We deliver high quality, super SEO friendly websites

We get it, you never put much value on website development because you’ve always managed to get your client websites ranking for search terms using the good old SEO backlink method. However, you’ve now seen the first non SEO agency, ranking for SEO Manchester who admit they’re more focussed on great web development instead of traditional SEO and you want in.

If you’re not finding it incredibly easy to get your website ranking or even your client sites, chances are you’re putting in a lot of effort to promote a site that hasn’t been built very well. We’re not here to rub it in though, we want to help.

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Our SEO Website Service

It looks the same but under the hood, its a different beast

It’s pretty simple, a website that hasn’t been built with search algorithms, ease of access and speed in mind will be more of a challenge to rank well on search engines.

We can work on a white label basis to fulfill your client website design and development needs. We’ll even include our industry-leading Discovery Process to ensure that the website not only ranks, but also delivers a significant ROI for your clients.

There is plenty of evidence of our achievements for our own clients over on our Project archives, so feel free to check them out.

If you’ve already heard enough, and we’ve peaked your interest, keep reading.

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Not all of your clients will be suitable

Our Layout Composer was born off the back of around 8 months of research and development and we need to recoup our investment. The limitations of our service offering are below:

  • Requires a full website rebuild and cannot be migrated into an existing install
  • Prices can be substantially more than your typical freelance developer
  • The website falls entirely in our remit, we can’t let you take charge over the build (for obvious reasons)

We know that the budget requirements are going to be the killer for a lot of potential clients so we are trying to figure out if we can create a little brother platform, just as geeky, but not as pretty for such instances. If or when this time comes, we’ll let you know if you drop us a message and ask us to! (We’d prefer you call so you can see how sound we are, but a message will suffice)

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A Whitelabel Partnership

We want to change the industry and shift things up a gear

As the only digital agency on the market offering this as a proven product, demand is very high – but we’re not letting it get to our heads. We know you understand SEO and have always expected high standards from your website development provider – you’ve just never been in the position to check the quality of work.

In order to give the world of website development a good shake-up, we need to partner up with agencies like yours in order to command the greatest reach. If you’ve ever seen Planet of the Apes, you’ll know that Apes together, strongApes alone, weak. Together we can build a future where SEO agencies like yours can use developers knowing they’re working to the same high standards we’ve set for them.