SEO Manchester

We created this page to prove that SEO doesn't need to be a big deal.


SEO Manchester

How our Layout Composer is wiping out the need for any long term SEO campaign ever again

An Experiment to
Rank for SEO Manchester.
To prove it’s not that big a deal.

We’re pretty tired of SEO agencies presenting their services for SEO Manchester, or Search Engine Optimisation Manchester, as the make-or-break of online business. We created this page to prove that we don’t need to trick search engines using dodgy backlinks, keyword optimisation or any other artificial jazz.

Instead, we’ll show that by using our industry-leading Layout Composer to build this page for SEO Manchester, we almost guarantee that the lovely programmers at Google will respect the code of our site enough to rank us higher, separating the experts from the cowboy web-builders. We want to show that SEO starts with a well built website and that good code is essential for high Google ranking. So here goes Manchester, let’s see how we get on.

SEO Manchester and industry arrogance

We're not arrogant. Or perfect. We just want to prove that SEO doesn't need to be complicated.

Imagine you’re building houses and want to market them using an SEO Manchester agency. Now draw the parallel… if you let a cowboy build your houses, you know they’re not going to last, no matter how much money you spend on superficial rendering and renovations. It’s the same with SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. You need quality code to form a strong foundation more than you need superficial SEO.

SEO Manchester
SEO Manchester

The Sales Pitch for SEO Manchester

Love for our industry. Disappointment in our Peers.

We love what we do and perform best when we’re challenged within the industry. So, for this very reason we want to call out the SEO Manchester agencies who charge thousands for polishing badly built websites, instead of honestly advising clients on how to improve their online businesses. Our Layout Composer has changed the game for us regarding SEO and we hope to see more positive changes for the industry ahead.

So... do we do SEO?

Yes and No. We only work on well built websites, using honest tactics that will stand the test of time and never get banned or demoted by Google.

SEO Manchester


Rank Google page 1

Built using our Layout Composer, pages
organically rank high for popular keyword searches

4 week


With quality coding & content we’ll get you
ranking on 1st page of Google in 4 weeks


Customer Retention

Our team of experts work tirelessly to
keep our clients requirements front of mind

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