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SEO Manchester

SEO Manchester is a phrase SEO agencies use to present their services for SEO in Manchester. A good number of these feel achieving a rank for this is the make-or-break of online business and are yet to explore the technical issues apparent in a lot of the websites they’re working on.  The truth is, by building websites properly, without shortcuts, we’re almost certain that the lovely programmers at Google will respect the code enough to organically rank you higher.

SEO starts with a well-built website and good code is essential for high Google ranking. So here goes Manchester – let’s see how we get on.

The SEO Industry explained.

What is SEO?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimisation is simply the process of optimising web pages to improve search engine rankings for organic search. Google is the biggest and most advanced search engine in the world, analysing and indexing thousands of web pages every minute. Google considers factors like ‘keyword density’ and ‘backlinks’ to calculate the relevance and authority of any given web page. Based on these calculations, pages are ranked and this is the order in which we see our search results. Sound simple enough? Aaaah… but the clever programmers at Google use top-secret algorithms to calculate your search success. This strictly confidential formula changes according to current trends, seasons and search locations. No business in the world has access to this intricate formula, so SEO can be somewhat a mystery and is not an exact science. Due to this, we’ve seen a definite rise in backhanded and unethical tactics used to achieve high rankings. We’ve also noticed a surge in the number of Manchester SEO Agencies who charge clients thousands and promote SEO as an ‘expert’ service of theirs – whilst we know the only experts guaranteed to meet Google’s criteria… are Google.

SEO should be easy, so away with the industry arrogance.

Industry Change

Imagine you’re selling carrots and want to market your business using a Manchester SEO Agency. You get yourself on Google and search for SEO Manchester and assume that whoever is at the top of the rankings is the best. Unbeknownst to you though, they mightn’t really appreciate code, schemas, nor the intricacies of building a true SEO friendly website and this means that any work carried out for you won’t achieve its maximum potential and you’ll be left paying for work for longer before you see any reward.

We’re trying to change the way our industry thinks about search and set a level playing field of Manchester SEO agencies who only work on the highest quality websites. As it stands, getting our client sites to rank for whatever search terms we define is getting a little too easy for us and we need a challenge. With SEO agencies all over Manchester settling for websites that aren’t built the way they should be, they’re unwittingly stifling industry progression and hurting businesses across the region. We’re here to set the winds of change.

Manchester carrot assortment

Why choose Unbranded Manchester?

The SEO Manchester Sales Pitch

Carrots being chopped

Unfortunately, we aren’t in the position to blindly accept your website as being good enough to work on. Not necessarily from a content point of view but from a technical aspect. Has your site been built properly? Is it up to scratch? Will it respond well to SEO? If it won’t, we’ll strongly advise you not to waste your time until you get the core issues sorted. Obviously, as we’re clearly talking about how we got this page ranking for SEO Manchester, we’re more than capable of solving this for you.

We love what we do and perform best when we’re challenged within the industry. So, for this very reason, we want to educate agencies that rank for SEO Manchester, especially those who are unknowingly working with badly built websites and in turn delivering weak results. Our Layout Composer has changed the game for building high quality websites that organically rank without the need for extraneous backlink profiles or other remedial patchwork.

How are our SEO prices so competitive?

Our SEO Manchester Service Offer

We only carry out SEO on well-built websites, using best practice tactics. Upon making an enquiry with us we’ll carry out an audit on your site. If we think it’s up to scratch we’ll be happy to work with you and your business needs. Cards on the table – we have incredibly high standards when it comes to SEO performance. If your site fails our audit, we’ll advise you to carry out a migration into our platform.

Once we’ve established that your site is good enough, our SEO prices are better than competitive, especially when compared to Manchester SEO agency quotes we’ve seen floating around. In case we haven’t made it clear already, by focussing on the build of your website before carrying out any work, we’ll address the core issues that are hurting your SEO performance. As we’ve already mentioned the SEO services we provide aren’t extreme and don’t require months of patchwork on your site. Instead, we tend to find we achieve real, tangible results in as little as 12 weeks. You can’t get better than that can you?

Why Is Our SEO Approach Better?

Knowledge is power. We believe in the importance of understanding an industry before trying to manipulate your position in it. So, we’ve developed an extensive research and discovery process which gives us insight into our client’s market. We analyse competitors, opportunities and gaps within your industry, then use our experience in user engagement, content and web development to create something new, exciting and most importantly – fit for purpose.

Why are our SEO results disruptive?

Hint: It's down to the quality of your website build.

We specialise in clients with high-value products or services and we care first and foremost about making money for our clients. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the power of web design as much as the next person, but we know there is much more to online success. The success of our SEO Manchester page is only partially due to our meticulous research, discovery and content writing processes.

Development first SEO

Focus on the build and then the polish.

A crucial factor in our success was down our expert web developers who created our industry-leading “Layout Composer”. The Layout Composer rapidly builds websites to brand using a modular system based upon the principles of “Atomic Web Design”.

It was originally created as a tool to allow clients to make simple website changes without affecting the design. But, we quickly realised that it did something even better – it built pages with high quality, near-perfect code and organically ranked on the 1st page of Google within just a few weeks.

At Unbranded Manchester, our attention to detail and (borderline obsessive) desire to do things the right way, has resulted in a web development tool that could change the way we treat SEO in Manchester for good.

Our SEO Results

Check out what Unbranded Manchester SEO has achieved for our clients.


Rank Google page 1

Built using our Layout Composer, pages organically rank high for popular keyword searches

12 week


With quality coding & content, we often see great results in less than 12 weeks


Customer Retention

Our team of experts work tirelessly to keep our client’s requirements front of mind

SEO Manchester

What are the best SEO strategies?

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On-page SEO

Onpage SEO covers both keywords along with the internal linking within the content you’ve produced. It’s important to work to find the best keywords with the most value to your business and use these to help boost your website’s rankings. FYI. It might not be worth just going for the keywords with the highest volumes as this may be the result of a generic search as opposed to a tailored search where someone is ready to buy. I.e. if you sell SEO, is it worth ranking just for SEO, or would it be better to rank for SEO Manchester, or SEO Agency Manchester?

The difference may seem minor and counterintuitive, as you’d assume a high number of people seeing your website would be better than fewer, the psychology behind the search phrase tells a different story. You’ll usually find the longer a keyword search, the more likely someone is to stop and buy when they find what they’re looking for. Generic searches are usually for gathering information only

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Off-page SEO

You’ll hear a lot of SEO Agencies in Manchester droning on about the importance of off page SEO. Yes, it’s important, but it’s not the be all and end all of SEO. Instead, its the exact opposite. Google really doesn’t like the whole off page SEO tactics used by your typical SEO agency.

In simple terms, typical off page SEO is getting people to link back to your site. You can either pay for these or you can reach out to bloggers and ask them to write an article, or post one you’ve already written onto their site – the article will of course have a link back to your website. The idea behind this is to get Google to look at your site and say “Hey, loads of people are linking to this site, their content must be really good, let’s rank them higher”. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. As time goes on and Google improves its algorithm, its working less and less.

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Technical SEO

Everything you’ve already read on this page revolves around Technical SEO. It is everything we specialise in and why we pride ourselves on being the leading technical SEO agency in Manchester. We’ve proven for over a year that a well built website will rank higher on Google than a traditionally, badly built, heavily back-linked website.

How Hard Is SEO?

Our SEO Experiment

If you check search trends for SEO Manchester, you’ll see it’s a very competitive term with a heck of a lot of searches each month! Ranking for this was not going to be an easy feat for any Manchester SEO Agency. The results below show you how fast our layout composer has worked and continues to work in improving our rank for the search term “SEO Manchester“. The work has been a little more difficult to achieve given the nature of the search term, compared to most of our clients who typically see disruptive results in as little as ~4 weeks. Check out our results below to see how the Layout Composer has worked for us:

Pixel Testing the Website Design

Updated Rank Report

We’ll update this weekly until we’re happy with the results. So far, we’re still not happy.

Week 0 / Rank : Not Listed
Week 1 / Rank : 86
Week 2 / Rank : 47
Week 3 / Rank : 17
Week 4 / Rank : 2 (Getting there)
Week 5 / Rank : 15 – Dropped after experimenting on the site to try and grab number 1 without additional backlinks — eek.
Week 6 : Rank : 11 – Climbing
Week 7 / Rank : 1 – Winner winner! Point proven.
Week 7 -24 / Rank : 1 – Still here!
Week 48 / Rank : 2 – Noooooo!
Week 49 : We’re playing with schema markup for star ratings and faq snippets on search results.
Week 50 : We’ve got the FAQ snippets working and have rolled out a solution to all of our clients
Week 51 : Dropped in ranking but we’ll address this later

Please remember, we’re using this page to see if we can rank for the region’s most competitive search term. It’s an ongoing experiment that is going to rise and drop as we keep improving our build quality. If it wins us new business in the meantime – winner-winner-chicken-dinner – if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world, we’re going to continue to retrospectively apply our learnings to client sites.

SEO Questions Answered

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation  is the process of optimising a website in such a way that search engines are more easily able to elicit information from it. Alongside that, traditional SEO is the act of making your site look more appealing and popular to Google by trying to get people to link to your website.

A well built website with the correct markup approach alongside a good quality domain name and business that’s been about a while ought to rank well within about 4-6 weeks. However, newer businesses with poorer domain authority may take longer to rank.

Domain Authority is the label search engine optimisation experts assign to a domain name when looking at key metrics such as, the age of the domain name, how long it’s been bought for and how many people link to it from other websites. The higher your domain authority the easier it should be to rank your website.

Yes you can. The first and easiest option is to increase the number of years that you renew your domain name for. Instead of just renewing for one year, renew it for 10. You can also take a look at trying to get genuine press attention by sharing special news about your business – the links from the media and other bloggers who naturally pick up your story will increase your overall authority.

If you take an honest approach to link building by putting out high quality content that other websites and bloggers want to link to, you’ll see an improvement in your overall ranking. But, if you try to artificially do this by paying for stories and links from other websites you’ll soon be found out by search engines and potentially lose out on your investment. We’ve seen it happen to a number of clients just before they approach us.

Yes, they’re a great way to share information about a specific product or service you want to share. You shouldn’t hide them behind closed doors on your website though, make sure you link to them and other pages in your website from within your content. If the keywords are optimised well enough you should see an increase in ranking for your landing pages.

HTTPS is better for everything online. It encrypts all traffic between your webserver and the end user, making any experience with your website a lot safer than if you don’t have it. Search engines like this as they know they can trust your website not to have messages or traffic intercepted by malicious users.

Yes, of course they are, as they show that you’re taking people with visual impairments into account across your website. Whatever you do, don’t stuff keywords into your image alt tags as you’ll get penalised for it. Instead, be honest, and describe the image in a few short words. You’ll often find the best way to describe a good number of images naturally include your keywords anyway.

An SEO-friendly website is a site that can make it straight to the top results of major search engines. However, these algorithms are continually evolving, and they are now prioritising pages that offer valuable information and well-written content to their users.

On the other hand, you must not underestimate the importance of your content structure. This includes headings, subheadings, optimised pictures and videos, and all the elements that you want to add to your page.

Nowadays, everyone can recycle and rewrite a piece of content about search engine optimisation, publish it and pass himself off as one of the best SEO experts in Manchester. Rudimentary and not-so-good SEO practices, such as keyword stuffing, may even make this questionable tutorial appear on Google first page for a while.

However, this kind of guide would never suit your website correctly, as it would be only a random combination of technical tips found on the Internet. You may even end up damaging your site by trying to follow it.

You must always ensure that your website is built and optimised in the most future proof way. This is the reason why you should entrust your company’s strategy to a leading Manchester SEO Agency.

If you have attempted different strategies in the past, or if another SEO agency in Manchester has not done good work to help you, your website may be struggling to rank. Getting the real reason behind this fall in rankings can be complicated and requires an in-depth analysis of your website’s authority and its domain. In fact, Google and other search engines take different factors into account when they choose the sites that they want to show on their first page. On the other hand, you should also consider the industry you are competing in. In the majority of cases, there are thousands of websites trying to reach the top 10. These, in their turn, are fighting tooth and claw for the 1st position.

To find an answer for your question, you can hire a Manchester SEO Agency to review your case.

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