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We created this page to prove that SEO doesn't need to be a big deal.


SEO Manchester

SEO Services in Manchester are about to change with our Layout Composer

We’re pretty tired of SEO agencies presenting their services for SEO in Manchester, as the make-or-break of online business. We created this page to prove we don’t need to trick search engines using dodgy backlinks or any other artificial jazz. Instead, we’ll show that by using our industry-leading Layout Composer to build this page, we almost guarantee that the lovely programmers at Google will respect the code of our site enough to organically rank us higher, separating the experts from the not so expert web-builders. We want to show that SEO starts with a well built website and that good code is essential for high Google ranking. So here goes Manchester, let’s see how we get on.

Industry Arrogance

SEO should be easy, so away with the industry arrogance.

Imagine you’re selling carrots and want to market your business using a Manchester SEO Agency. You get yourself on Google and search for SEO Manchester and assume that whoever is at the top of the rankings is the best. Unbeknownst to you though, the agency you’ve found may be using superficial patchwork and dubious tactics to get you ranking. They don’t really understand code, schemas, nor the intricacies of building a true SEO friendly website for your Manchester based business.

We want to highlight SEO Manchester industry arrogance and set a level playing field of SEO agencies who only work on the highest quality websites. As it stands, getting our client sites to rank for whatever search terms we define is getting a little too easy for us and we need a challenge. However, with agencies thinking they’ve hit the big time by hitting the first page of Google with their own site for phrases such as SEO Manchester, they’re stifling industry progression and hurting businesses across the region. We’re here to change that.

Manchester carrot assortment

SEO Manchester Sales Pitch

How our sales pitch differs

Carrots being chopped

Our SEO Manchester sales pitch starts by saying that we’re not happy to just blindly accept your website as being good enough to work on. We’re not talking from a content point of view like everyone else does, we’re talking from a technical point of view. Has your site been built properly? Is it up to scratch, will it respond well to SEO? If it won’t we’ll tell you not to waste your money on SEO until you get the core site sorted. Obviously, as one of the only agencies housing the most highly qualified Web developers in Manchester, we’re more than capable of solving this problem.

We love what we do and perform best when we’re challenged within the industry. So, for this very reason, we want to educate agencies that rank for SEO Manchester, especially those who are unknowingly working with badly built websites, instead of advising clients they’re about to waste a heck of a lot of money for barely tangible results. Our Layout Composer has changed the game for building high end websites that organically rank without the need for extraneous backlink profiles.

What is SEO?

The SEO Manchester Industry Explained

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimisation is simply the process of optimising web pages to improve search engine rankings for organic search. Google is the biggest and most advanced search engine in the world, analysing and indexing thousands of web pages every minute. Google considers factors like ‘keyword density’ and ‘backlinks’ to calculate the relevance and authority of any given web page. Based on these calculations, pages are ranked and this is the order in which we see our search results. Sound simple enough? Aaaah… but the clever programmers at Google use top-secret algorithms to calculate your SEO success. This strictly confidential formula changes according to current trends, seasons and search locations. No business in the world has access to this intricate formula, so SEO can be somewhat a mystery and is not an exact science. Due to this, we’ve seen a definite rise in backhanded and unethical tactics used to achieve high rankings. We’ve also noticed a surge in the number of SEO Manchester Digital Agencies who charge clients thousands and promote SEO as an ‘expert’ service of theirs – when we’re told the only experts guaranteed to meet Google’s criteria… are Google.

Unbranded, "SEO Manchester"

Why is our SEO approach better?

Knowledge is Power. We believe in the importance of understanding an industry before trying to manipulate your position in it. So, we’ve developed an extensive research and discovery process which grants us expert insight into our client’s market. We analyse competitors, opportunities and gaps within your industry using our Discovery Process then use our experience in user engagement, content and web development to create something new, exciting and most importantly, fit for purpose.

We specialise in clients with high value products or services and we care first and foremost about making money for our clients. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate a pretty web design as much as the next person, but we understand there is much more to online success than ‘look and feel’. The success of our SEO Manchester page is only partially due to our meticulous research, discovery and content writing processes.

A big factor is down to our expert web developers who created our industry-leading Layout Composer. The Layout Composer rapidly builds websites to brand using a modular system based upon the principles of “Atomic’ Web Design. It was originally created as a tool to allow clients to make simple website changes without affecting the design. But we quickly realised that the Layout Composer did something even better, it built pages with high quality, near-perfect code and organically ranked on the 1st page of Google within just a few weeks.

At Unbranded Manchester, our attention to detail and (borderline obsessive) desire to do things the right way, has resulted in a web development tool that could change the way we treat SEO in Manchester for good.

Our SEO Service Offering

Who do we work for and what are our prices?

We only carry out SEO on well-built websites, using best practice tactics. Upon making an enquiry with us we’ll carry out an audit on your site. If we think it’s up to scratch we’ll let you know that we’re open to helping you out. However, in most cases, our SEO Audit tends to bring out a whole host of problems that our Layout Composer can easily solve. In such cases, we’ll advise you to carry out a migration into our platform.

From there, our SEO Manchester service prices are better than competitive. As we’ve already mentioned the SEO Services we provide aren’t extreme and don’t require months of patchwork on your site. Instead, we tend to find we achieve, real, tangible SEO results in as little as 12 weeks.

SEO Manchester

Our SEO Results

Check out what Unbranded Manchester SEO has achieved for our clients.


Rank Google page 1

Built using our Layout Composer, pages organically rank high for popular keyword searches

12 week


With quality coding & content, we often see great results in less than 12 weeks


Customer Retention

Our team of experts work tirelessly to keep our clients requirements front of mind

Experiment Results - Updated Weekly

Check out the Google search trends for SEO Manchester. It’s a competitive search term with a heck of a lot of searches each month. Ranking for this was not going to be an easy feat for any SEO Manchester Agency. The results below show you how fast our layout composer has worked and continues to work in improving our rank for the search term “SEO Manchester”. The work has been a little more difficult to achieve given the nature of the search compared to our clients who typically see disruptive results within 2 weeks. Please see our SEO Results to see how our Layout Composer has worked for our clients.

Updated Rank Report

We’ll update this weekly until we’re happy with the results. So far, we’re still not happy.

Week 0 / Rank : Not Listed
Week 1 / Rank : 86
Week 2 / Rank : 47
Week 3 / Rank : 17
Week 4 / Rank : 8
Week 4 – Day 2 / Rank : 2 (Getting there)

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