Our SEO Experiment

Why "SEO Manchester"?

An overview of why we chose to rank for SEO Manchester

For a long time we’ve been losing business to agencies who proclaimed themselves to be SEO Experts by ranking for SEO Manchester on search engines, and quite frankly, we’d had enough. Our R&D team had created the first version of our Layout Composer in June 2018 and since then we’d seen how all sites we built were naturally ranking better than all of our clients’ competitors without the need for any further SEO.

Initially we hadn’t realised that because our team had built a platform that allowed us to build perfectly coded, semantically beautiful website – search engines like Google were able to illicit key information from our sites more easily whilst respecting a better and more efficient delivery of the code behind the scenes.

So, our experiment was born. We wanted to see if we could rank our sites using only a well built website for one of the most competitive search terms in the Greater Manchester region. If we could, our point would be proven, our clients would understand the value of our work, and more importantly we’d be granted a platform to voice our opinion on the practises of the SEO industry.

SEO Manchester Metrics

An overview of the regions most competitive search term

Search Volume
Each month over 1900 people in and out of Manchester search for SEO Agencies in the region using the search term, SEO Manchester. Most, logically assume that if a site is ranking in the top ten results, they must be great at what we do.

Generated Results
The SEO search term generates results in excess of 20.4M websites all trying to rank for the same or some variation of the term. (Obviously, not all of these are targeting SEO Manchester, most will be variations for their own region. But, if you check the first 10 pages of Google you’ll count at least 100 agencies within the region targeting the same phrase.

Pay Per Click Spend
A handful of agencies who struggled to get their own sites ranking organically opted for the slightly easier approach of spending money with Google using Pay Per Click advertising, spending in excess of £10 each time someone clicked their link.

How the SEO Experiment Played Out

The experiment we carried out was only to disrupt an industry that has become experts within a very niche part of a sector without fully taking the time to understand the necessities around it.

Within the first 3 weeks, we saw our website rapidly rising through Google’s ranking, beating hundreds of agencies at their own game on the climb up. On the fourth week, we attained Page 1, Rank 2. We literally beat all but on agency at SEO and took a snapshot at the time.

Our point was proven, could we beat the SEO industry at their own game with quality website development. The answer was yes.

Or was it?
We had beaten all but one agency. The remaining was dominating the number 1 spot. Our build wasn’t good enough to beat them. So, we went back to the drawing board and pushed ourselves to further improve the development on our site.

In the process of doing this, the rank dropped. And that’s where we stand now. We’ve seen a drop in the rankings, and we’re waiting for the next update. We’ll keep you posted.