Discovery Process

Create an analytical process to ensure a consistent approach in business development

Consistent Approach.

Reduce full team contact time.

Create a recipe for success online.

In our extensive past life as a white label digital agency, we were given unfiltered access to some of the most successful digital agencies across the UK. Each had their own process and approach to planning and delivering new projects. Some were great, some were terrible.

As one of the only white label digital agencies that also provided consultancy from the outset of a project, we witnessed first hand what worked and didn’t work when it came to building a successful solution for a business online.

Data Analysis

We don't guess!

Every project is different, every client has their opinion. When possible we look at real world data to assess what approaches have worked in practice and the relevant techniques that were used to achieve solutions with a provable track record.

Having worked with many successful online businesses we draw on our experience to elicit original approaches tailored to each new client and eliminate any wishful guesswork or assumptions.

For example, we quickly realised a weak competitive analysis always ended up with a failure to dominate online.

Build the Process

We identified the need for an iterative approach that covered both external and internal aspects of how project discovery runs

The process needed to be iterative in order to refine it into what we have now. We began by including everything from what we had learned and whittling it down to the most successful, insightful components of research required.

Systemise it

Although we knew the value of our process we couldn't let it price us out of competitive pitches

We wrote process docs for each stage of our discovery, highlighting the tasks required in order to generate the most insightful results. Following this, we created an automated system to execute the workload in bulk, including things like automated email templates requesting further information from clients and improved techniques for generating inferences from our reports.

Our Discovery process now sits at 36 high-level steps of research and work which we use to create the full digital strategy for all of our clients.  Each step consists of smaller subtasks that have been partly automated in order to improve the efficiency of the data collection.  When the process is teamed up with skilled professionals, the results we achieve are somewhat incredible.