Cookies & GDPR

We created a straight-forward compliant solution to satisfy the rules of the GDPR

Get compliant.

Manage Cookies.

Allow client customisation.

Our client sites tend to have a lot of tracking scripts enabled in them. From our Advanced Tracking to video tracking & heatmaps, we needed to ensure that the majority of users landing on our sites complied with our desire to place cookies on their machines.

We set ourselves the task of creating a fully GDPR compliant solution which strongly encouraged people to simply accept all cookies and move on.


How could we support clients with compliant policy wording?

We created default policy wording after seeking expert legal advice along with our own research. We integrated the default policy wording within our solution. This integrated approach meant that if an issue was ever raised about our policy wording, we could bring all of our clients into compliance with a simple plugin update.

Allow flexibility.

What if a client only wanted to use certain features of our solution?

Not all clients would want to include the option to switch cookies on or off – by taking a modular approach to the implementation, by deleting a single shortcode, users could remove the opt-in/opt-out process, or specific paragraphs of default wording from their policy.

Choice of wording.

Given the choice, how could we encourage people to leave cookies used for analytics switched on?

We researched the wording across a number of high profile organisations, to see if there was anything we could learn. The BBC stood out from amongst the crowd with their choice of wording. The desired results of their choice were fairly obvious — by describing them as ‘Performance Cookies’ instead of ‘Analytical Cookies’, visitors were less likely to switch them off.


Active Installs

We only allow our current clients to take us up on our solution, this has not been released for unlicensed use.


Compliance Issues

So far so good, no compliance issues have been raised with our policy wording or implementation.