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With over 750,000 unique visitors per month, they asked us to be their partners in growth.

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The Business Desk approached Unbranded Manchester after failing to thrive with a number of other development agencies. They needed an agency that both excelled in web development as well as understanding the commercial aspect of their business and growth plans. They had struggled to find an agency that could thrive in both areas until they arrived at our door.

Receiving over 750,000 unique visitors per month, The Business Desk is the North’s largest regional news magazine and as such it comes with a weight of responsibility, their revenue is created by online visitors so any issues from speed to functionality need to be dealt with and improved on an ongoing basis.

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Web development expertise

When you inherit a website built by a multitude of developers across different agencies, where do you start?

We began with addressing security related issues. We audited the entire site and found a number of dubious development implementations which we promptly rewrote and worked to resolve with urgency.

In regard to performance, we worked on creating custom lazy loading scripts along with parsers to generate static caches that could be pulled from a dedicated repository of files to massively speed up the site without increasing any hardware overheads.

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