Specialist construction firm with £120m turnover needed a brand overhaul to reflect their global merger.

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Digital branding refresh.
Establishing as an industry leader.
Increase Google rankings and improve SEO.

They came to us with the request to reflect their merger with a global organisation, WBHO. Russells was established in 1997 and have since grown into a million-pound business operating nationally.

They were in need of a digital brand refresh and SEO improvements to allow increased google rankings and conversions.

Defining as industry leaders.

What approach do you take when you know the site is not going to work as a Lead Generation tool?

As with most large scale construction firms, their website is not used as a lead generation tool. You’ll never hear of a £30m project being won off the back of high Google ranking or a website enquiry.

Instead, we needed to ensure that when the team at RussellWBHO were going through the motions of pitching for a project, any research, fact finding or due diligence their client was looking to undertake could easily be elicited from the website without too much effort. We needed the site to reflect their size, calibre and specialisms from a few seconds on any of the pages in their site.

We had to exploit a number of psychological principles in order to increase the likelihood of leaving a positive sentiment with anyone from their client portfolio who was tasked with undertaking due diligence on them:

Cognitive Load
Reduce the difficulty of retaining information on the site about key metrics like size, turnover, qualifications, accreditations, awards and previous projects via simple, direct messaging and repeated content across the site.

Confirmation Bias
Understand that the researcher carrying out the due diligence has already been given a brief of notes to fact check on the site, use this information about their user journey to easily re-embed principles we wish them to retain, such as Leading North West Contractor, Construction Excellence & Quality as Standard. We need the researcher to leave the site with a positive sentiment that RussellWBHO are highly experienced and more importantly, can be trusted to complete the job ontime, to budget with quality at the heart of everything they do.

Brand Visibility
We used the power of our Layout Composer and technical SEO to help improve the ranking of previous projects that had been successfully completed. With an understanding that others in the industry would be searching for recent development projects we wanted RussellWBHO to rank highly for such search terms so that their brand was continually being absorbed into people’s minds without them ever having clicked on a link.

With a vague brand recall when it did come to choosing a prospective contractor the idea was RussellWBHO would stand a better chance of having embedded a greater positive sentiment than other suppliers.


Organic Search Results Improvement

Paul Bradley, Marketing Manager at RussellWBHO had this to say about the project:

“It’s a massive improvement from our previous site. We can do more things with it, and it’s a good platform for us to grow.”


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