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A group of separate companies turning over £50m asked us how to unify their proposition.

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Develop new brand.
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Consolidate multiple brands into single proposition.

The Pilot Group was originally a group of companies with a turnover of over £50m with a single unifying thread of energy saving technology. Despite each companies individual success cross and upselling between companies was proving difficult. They needed a solution to consolidate their business into a multifaceted proposition for their entire demographic.

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Creating a clear picture.

How do successfully consolidate separate brands into a single proposition?

We worked alongside The Pilot Group to gain a better understanding of each service and the history behind the evolution of Pilot Group. Once we completely understood the company on a whole, we advised them to consolidate their brands into a singular website that included clear avenues for each service they offered whilst encouraging navigation between offerings to allow for cross-selling of related services between each of their brands.

Each user avenue was complimented by a well thought out user journey and relevant features that encouraged users to explore the broad range of services that the Pilot Group could resolve as a single offering.

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The end product reflected the branding and the ethos of the Pilot Group while still allowing different types of users, from councils to blue chip organisations to fully understand each service. We made sure the different services interlinked with one other, and we kept the branding consistent throughout to ensure users didn’t feel as though they were dealing with different companies.

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