Oasis Interior Landscaping

They asked us to help increase profit and reach turnover targets after a period of stagnation.

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Drive traffic.
Increase minimum order value.
Define as a leader in the market.

Oasis approached us after struggling to achieve their very conservative growth targets in the two financial years previous. They’d hit a ceiling and didn’t know how to break through it without altering their product range or restructuring their business.

At the time of engaging us, they’d been trading for around 25 years, having grown from a small, local outfit to a supplier and installer with national reach. They needed to reflect their experience and ability online.

Know your market.

When everyone in your industry is the same, how do you make yourself stand out?

Oasis offered the same products and services to the same end users as their competitors. Decisions to buy were based upon locality and price – we weren’t surprised they were struggling to grow.

We needed to make Oasis stand out as a leader in a market of cloned service providers.

Over the course of 10 days of working closely with the team at Oasis we identified that they offered a superior design service to their competitors. They were well versed in creating custom solutions for larger brands including Slug & Lettuce, Bentley and Jaguar. Our solution was to simply reflect this as the main offering on their website and in sales messaging.

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