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Network Rail

We were asked to digitise the Rail Change Guide for Network Rail.

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Development expertise.
Digitisation of Rail Change Guide.
Custom platform with an understanding of accessibility.

Network rail came to us in need of website development expertise and a professional opinion on how their Rail Change Guide could be digitised and rolled out to over 150 experts.  Accessibility was paramount to ensure a smooth and positive experience for all without compromising on design.

railway line
railway station

Understanding accessibility.

It needed to be open for users with visual impairments and other related disabilities

Once we translated the brief to create a platform locked down to only registered users, we set about converting the Rail Change Guide into an accessible platform.

The process of understanding and creating an accessible website design meant we had to meet WCAG AAA standards for colour contrast, font weights and size for readability as well as making the site usable for those using screen readers.

We integrated our Layout Composer into the website in order to allow the site to be navigated via a keyboard only, without compromising on design or functionality.

railway signals
railway line


Active Experts

Our platform is now regularly used by over 150 experts across the industry


Accessibility Issues

Network Rail have not reported any user accessibility issues.

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