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Machine Compare

The world’s leading marketplace for used machinery asked us to rebuild and modernise their platform

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Build upon MVP.
Integrate fully with Hubspot.
Redefine as a market leading platform.

Machine Compare approached us after receiving a 7 figure investment of which they allocated a portion to rebuild their MVP marketplace, a platform designed for large manufacturers to resell old machinery to 2nd world countries.

Before Machine Compare, this same machinery was often put into storage by manufacturers such as Nestle, BOBST and Kolbus with a general acceptance that it couldn’t be resold nor could it be recycled and disposed of without significant, unwanted expense.

Revolutionary Approach

When trying to revolutionise an entire market you need to ensure your platform covers every possible revenue stream.

With the desire for a fully automated platform they had quickly outgrown their MVP and needed a robust solution to take its place. We worked alongside Machine Compare to redefine their product offering and route to market by figuring out what parts of their proposition could be automated within the website and how we could ensure an increase in revenue & uptake within the platform – without incurring additional overhead.

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Speaking about this project, Machine Compare CMO Emily Dunlop said,

“Since our inception in 2016, the company has grown considerably, yet the existing website had become outdated and no longer reflected the Machine Compare brand. The new website offers our customers an enhanced digital experience and better reflects the modern and responsive nature of our business.”

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With the need for early adopters to be given something they could engage with, without paying upfront, we devised a strategy to exploit Hicks Law by reducing Decision Fatigue via  a free to use auction facility for all manufacturers of machinery. Anyone with an account could start an auction or bid on items for sale via the auction.

In line with the above, we also offered the opportunity to configure and purchase display advertising via the site without the need for a fully featured account. With this approach we could fulfil the curiosity gap of new users allowing for the progressive disclosure of the platforms remaining features.

Once the platform was fully built, using WordPress as an engine with our Layout Composer, the features of the site included:

  • Fully automated auction and bidding mechanism with the option for listing agents to configure
    • base price
    • bid increments
    • reserve price
    • preferred bidder
    • buy it now price
  • Listing facility via paid subscription integrated with Stripe
  • Location obfuscation to show generic area instead of specific address
  • Full business profile for all users
  • Reverse IP lookup results auto emailed to agents on a daily basis of all visitors to their listings
  • Display Banner purchases and associated billing
  • Custom payment plans, free to use features, admin overrides and full moderation
  • Host and register for webinars via API integrated Big Blue Button


Value of listable equipment

Machine Compare found over £1bn of equipment ripe for listing on the site


Active Listings

The uptake of the new site saw a dramatic increase in user posted listings


Industry Awards

Included in Top 30 most exciting companies

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The Machine Compare website design, platform development and brand evolution was a pleasure to work on and a great example of our ability to combine great frontend design with strong backend functionality.

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