Increase revenue.
Reduce cost per conversion.
Increase in new high-value leads.

Lobster approached us after deciding to act upon their continuous loss of market share to competitors with more astute digital marketing teams.

They were already turning over £3.2M and were a lot larger than their competitors, but the cost per conversion was high. They used the size of their company to help them struggle through the downturn in market share but this was starting to turn against them. They asked us to take on the challenge of securing further growth via dominance online.

Make them cool.

Over 10 days our team worked with Lobster as part of our intense discovery process.

Competitors were speaking to the “nerds” they thought their clients were. We found the opposite — Cisco engineers were cool and pretty sick of the nerd chat. They were looking for a normal, slightly quirky, and definitely non-nerdy approach to sales.

We flipped the lid on their approach, rebranded ‘DC Data Systems’ to ‘Lobster’, gave them a high contrast brand and got rid of the nerdy messaging. We made buying and selling equipment with Lobster more fun than anywhere else. Cisco engineers were hooked on Lobster’s casual, standalone approach and cherished the idea of getting away from the overly corporate market.


Revenue Increase

We took Lobster’s website from zero online revenue to over £1.2M in Y1.


Erroneous Enquiries

We reduced the number of unqualified leads down to 0 by educating potential customers before they made an enquiry.


High-Value Leads

In Y2 Lobster secured a single deal worth £0.75M via their website.

// Platform Magento  
// Client Since 2014
// Current Services Hosting, SEO, PPC & Conversion rate optimisation

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