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They needed to reduce overheads and market themselves as Europe's leading manufacturer and distributor of printing foils

Differentiate between visitors.
Reduce new client overhead.
Massively improve organic SEO ranking.

Foilco asked Unbranded Manchester to take a look at their business proposition as they believed their cost per acquisition of new clients was too high. They were hemorrhaging money sending out catalogues to prospects with little follow up or integrated tracking.

Along with that, their brand and site was stale having not been updated in over 4 years, they asked us to use our technical nouse to create an industry leading international platform that truly reflected their position as one of Europe’s largest and most successful manufacturers and distributors of printing foils.

Providing Solutions.

How do you reduce overheads on new client acquisition when all you have is a catalogue to send out that costs you over £20 per enquiry?

Our intense discovery process confirmed Foilco’s concerns, they were losing a lot of money when trying to acquire new business whenever they sent out their custom made D4 catalogue (which included sample of their entire range) and free rolls of sample foils for printers. We established that in over  90% of cases a visitor only wanted to see samples of 1-3 foils, not the entire catalogue.

We created a digital foil catalogue of their entire range of foils, including up to date filters, uses and examples of each of them. At the same time, we tucked the request a D4 catalogue form deep into the site so that it wasn’t erroneously requested by visitors who had little to no intention of buying. We then replaced this functionality with a new single foil sample request. When navigating the digital catalogue, visitors could now only request samples of single foils, but to do so, they needed to leave us with a full range of contact details after following a checkout process, allowing Foilco to report and followup on new leads.

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What journey is best?

When you have two completely different types of user how to you make them feel important without being too obvious about it?

Foilco has two types of clients. The first are creatives, designing packaging or printed stationery for their own customers. These creatives need to be visually stimulated and engaged throughout. Some of them are also new to foil, these need to be educated in a fun and engaging manner, the more we educate them, the easier it makes Foilco’s job of selling to them.

The other demographic of clients were printers. They didn’t care about the design too much, they just needed to place orders for what their creative clients had requested.

Our solution was to begin by developing a design that catered to creative minds, designed to stimulate and arouse visual senses with beautiful typography and imagery. A custom made font named after their CEO’s darling wife and a leading UK photographer helped us to meet our objective.

To educate creatives who were new to Foil, we invented the Foil Academy, a custom built integration that was fun and engaging to use. It covered every type of foil in existence via custom built landing pages (which doubled up as working great for organic SEO too).

Our research had shown us that printers played a role as brand ambassadors of Foilco when we made things easy for them. We understood they weren’t entertained by the design of the site, and they only visited the site when they wanted to order foil on behalf of their clients.  We gave them their own space on the site, the Printers Toolbox, a page they could navigate to from anywhere on the website which contained everything they needed to complete an order and more.

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Organic Page 1

Pages built with our Layout Composer and ranking on page 1 for popular keyword searches.


Overhead Reduction

By stamping out redundant enquiries we saved on 1000’s of catalogues being sent out

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