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Create and launch an alternative revenue stream for homeowners who use Airbnb to add to their income.

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Homeowners across the country use sites like Airbnb to rent out their homes to holiday makers from across the world. However, most are unaware they can rent their house to the film and advertising industry to use as a location for anything from TV adverts to blockbuster movies. The income from this far surpasses the standard day rate they could achieve from airbnb. We were challenged to encourage users who use Airbnb to also use Film Locations.

JJ Media, the UKs largest location agency already had a comprehensive administration system built that was deeply ingrained within their business and had been developed over a number of years of learning. We needed to create a site that integrated with this platform, felt like a safe place with a clear proposition and easy to use features that mirrored functionality their user were already used to from using sites like Airbnb.

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Turning an idea into reality.

How do you pull data from a third party custom built platform without impacting performance or brand?

The first step was to build a custom API that integrated into their bespoke location management platform, but this wouldn’t help SEO if all content was dynamically generated so we created further endpoints that triggered new url’s and pages to be added into WordPress and the sitemap for the site to submit to Google whenever a new location was added by a user. With a centralised database and a little trickery with lazy loading and caching we managed to maintain our usual high standard of site performance without compromising the data integrity of the central database.

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The end result is a website that fully reflects the brief. We created a website that not only differentiated them from the market but also proved to be very useful to visitors.

Unfortunately this site was launched just before the lockdown of 2020 so we are yet to formally launch the new site to the market. 

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