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They asked us to reflect their position as a world class video production agency.

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Industry leading design refresh.

Reflect that they were a world leading agency.

Share quality and approach to film production.

Established in 1991, Edge Picture has grown into one of the world’s largest and leading video production agencies. Known as industry leaders with over 630 industry awards, they asked us for a design refresh that differentiated them from their competitors. We opted for a video led website and built it with our Layout Composer.

blurred out film tape
film crew filming a scene

Capturing creativity.

How do you share your world class video production abilities without forcing people to sit and watch video after video?

We worked alongside Edge Picture to capture their innate creativity and unique, award winning approach to video production. We created a film led design within our Layout Composer  to accurately reflect their superior work within the industry. By embedding video into the sites navigation and using it on every possible facet of the build we ensured visitors to the site would see their quality without every having to click play on a video.

The technical requirement of creating a website design that was both video led, SEO friendly and fully mobile responsive meant that their competitors wouldn’t have the ability to compete with them on design or digital identity, meeting their brief by ensuring they kept ahead of the curve with their outward presence.

woman filming a scene
close up of a filming lense


Years as a Client

Edge Picture have stuck with Unbranded through 3 revisions of their website


Industry Awards

Edge Picture have won over 630 awards from industry bodies and are known as world leaders

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