UK Mainland Postcodes

A full list of postcodes that can be used in ecommerce platforms to control mainland shipping whitelist.

UK Mainland Postcodes

Mainland UK Postcodes

You’ll need to copy and paste all the below postcodes along with the ones in the Regular Expression columns to cover all of Mainland UK (including Scottish Highlands).

In the next section below, you’ll find the Non UK Mainland postcode areas.

AB* AL* BA* BB* BD* BF* BH* BL* BN* BR* BS* CA* CB* CF* CH* CM* CO* CR* CT* CV* CW* DA* DD* DE* DG* DH* DL* DN* DT* DY* E* EC* EH* EN* EX* FK* FY* GL* GU* HA* HD* HG* HP* HR* HS* HU* HX* IG* IP* IV* KA* KT* KY* L* LA* LD* LE* LL* LN* LS* LU* M* ME* MK* ML* N* NE* NG* NN* NP* NR* NW* OL* OX* PA* PE* PH* PL* PR* RG* RH* RM* S* SA* SE* SG* SK* SL* SM* SN* SO* SP* SR* SS* ST* SW* SY* TA* TD* TF* TN* TQ* TR* TS* TW* UB* W* WA* WC* WD* WF* WN* WR* WS* WV* YO*

Regular Expressions

A number of ecommerce solutions will force you to use regular expressions, such as G* to catch all Glasgow postcodes. However, this would also catch all Guernsey postcodes that begin with GY. So, to get around this, we need to create a specific whitelist of values for the UK Mainland locations that have overlapping postcode parts with non UK Mainland areas.

(To avoid conflict with BT postcodes)
B1* B2* B3* B4* B5* B6* B7* B8* B9*

(To avoid conflict with GU Guernsey postcode area)
G1* G2* G3* G4* G5* G9* G11* G12* G13* G14* G15* G20* G21* G22* G23* G31* G32* G33* G34* G40* G41* G42* G43* G44* G45* G46* G51* G52* G53* G58* G59* G60* G61* G62* G63* G64* G65* G66* G67* G68* G69* G70* G71* G72* G73* G74* G75* G76* G77* G78* G79* G80* G81* G82* G83* G84* G90*

(To avoid conflict with Isle of Wight postcode areas)
PO1* PO2* PO3 5* PO3 6* PO4 0* PO4 8* PO4 9* PO5* PO6* PO7* PO8* PO9* PO10* PO11* PO12* PO13* PO14* PO15* PO16* PO17* PO18* PO19* PO20* PO21* PO22* PO24*

Scottish Highlands
KW1* KW2* KW3* KW4* KW5* KW6* KW7* KW8 *KW9* KW10* KW11* KW12* KW13* KW14*

Non UK Mainland Postcodes


Isle of Wight
PO30 – PO41


Orkney / Shetland
KW15 – KW17

Isle of Man

Northern Ireland

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