Database Import

How to import a database from backup

How to import a backup database

If you’ve just carried out a major update and it’s gone belly up you’ve found yourself on this page as you’re trying to quickly import your database from the most recent backup you took. You did take a backup right? If not, bad luck friend, you need to pray for a miracle.


  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Go to phpMyAdmin
  3. Find the database in the left menu
  4. Click on it
  5. Click Import from the top menu
  6. Upload the backup SQL file
  7. Click Go

The database backup will now automatically import, just wait for it to finish. Once complete, you’ll want to manually delete all caches from the server, do this manually if you cannot get access to admin.

Hurry, time is of the essence – if your site is down when Google does a crawl your SEO will be affected.

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